90 Day Challenge!


Change Everything this Year!

Start the 90 Day Challenge and see what fun you can have and get your year off to a great start.

Girl Time

Choose 4 friends and get a “5-pack” of the book Girlfriends Don’t Matter and go through it together.  Get together weekly with 4 of your friends and go through relationships bootcamp.  Check out the reading plan.

Hot Hostess


Host a Dinner party! Get a group together and go out or have something at your place. Do this 1X each month for 90 days.

Enjoy life…Get out on the Town!


Don’t go to those weddings and social events alone or with “the girls”. Get an escort and practice.
How to get an escort or date-   Part 1”
“How to get an escort or date-   Part 2”
“How to get an escort or date-  Part 3”

Dating DIVA

For 90 days go on 1 date each week for 10 weeks. How?

  • Join an online dating service
  • Tell your friends
  • Don’t stay home Friday nights- go out
Just let your men friends know you are doing this challenge.  They will love participating.  You can count your Hot Hostess Parties and the Valentines Day Celebration. Now you can handle the rest!