About The Author


Cheryl is a self described “military brat” the daughter of a Ret. SGM, 3-War Veteran (died 2009) and her mother Juanita. She is the second oldest of 5 children born in Fort Dix, New Jersey. She has lived in Germany, Oklahoma, California, Indiana, and Washington State. She graduated from Lakes High School in Tacoma, WA and Washington State University in Pullman, WA with her BA in Business and MBA. Cheryl married, at 19 years old while in college, Aaron Lee Haskins Sr. (died in 2009), and has 2 living adult children a daughter and son, and 4 grand children (son Aaron Jr. died in 2011).

Cheryl worked in banking, taught high school and a at a private college, served as director of operations for a non-profit, owned her own custom sewing business for 8 years, and is currently the Executive Director of a private foster care agency and preschool/kindergarten. Cheryl is an avid quilter and belongs to Pacific Northwest African American Quilters and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Cheryl was a candidate for public office in Renton, WA in 2007 and counts it as a significant experience in her life.

Cheryl’s faith in God is central to her life since she became a Christian at 14 years old. She served with her late husband on the pastoral staff of a local church in the Seattle area for 18 years and continues to do so. She credits her sanity and resiliency in the face of adversity to Jesus alone.

She resides in Washington State and plans to write more books in the future.

My Journey to Girlfriends Don’t Matter

Five years ago January 21, 2009, one day after the inauguration of President Barak Obama my father died and I was in Washington DC. I was close to my Dad. He was an incredibly funny, wise, and intellectual man and never got tired of talking to me. My husband, oldest son and daughter were able to spend his last moments with him along with my mother and other family members. I so wish I had been there with him.  Dad died at 89 years of age and did it with grace and dignity. I remember my husband Aaron saying to

Cheryl & late husband Aaron Haskins Sr.

me “I will be here for you honey, you will get through this”. He didn’t get to keep his promise for long. He died nine months later. Pastor Aaron Haskins Sr. my husband, my closest friend,my encourager,  my children’s father, Grandpa, and a friend to many was gone. My world as I knew it ended. The unimaginable had happened…I became a widow after 29 years of marriage.

Five or six months after the death of my husband, I started noticing single women all around me over 35 years old who were frustrated, disillusioned and who wanted to be married. From my own experience and desire to help I started a small group for single women at my church called “Straight Talk for Single Women”. This was so fun for me. The first session in the class is called: “Girlfriends Don’t Matter”.  I continued with several small groups and moved through all of the “firsts” you experience after a death in the family.  During the first year, both my daughter and oldest son got engaged to be married, my brother-in-law married and we celebrated my 50th birthday.

I was blessed to spend a lot of time with my oldest son Aaron Jr. after my husband’s death, and he promised to be there for me. He said,  “its okay Mom…I will be here for you…anything you need, I will be here for you”.  He kept his promise to me for 17 months

Cheryl and late son Aaron Jr.

until his death February 12,  2011  his  29th birthday. He died in his sleep for no apparent reason (later determined to be sudden cardiac death). I cannot describe how I felt then or now about the loss of my son.  My world stopped in disbelief and shock yet again.  These last 4 years have challenged me beyond what I thought possible; my trust is shaken- though not destroyed, my heart is broken-but will eventually heal, and my hope is desperately in Jesus. Through all of this,  my faith is intact and I want to reach out and help others.

I am facing the future with hope and with soberness that tomorrow isn’t promised.

I choose to live each day to the fullest and embrace my late son Aaron Jr.’s philosophy of life: “Why wait?”