Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Why the title Girlfriends Don’t Matter?

I wanted a title that would grab the attention of the reader and would make them think: “What?” I want to draw people in- and shock them with the realization that what they knew deep down and would never admit – really is true.  But not just leave them there- but provide some food for thought, new ways to approach relating to men and achieving what they want out of life in this area of life: relationships.

2.     Who are you trying to reach with the book?

I want to reach women from late 20’s and up who are single and want to be married.  Women who are fed up with “dating” as we know it today.  This “high stakes” relational nightmare of going from one serial monogamous relationship to the next that only lead to heartbreak and wasted time and effort. This book is meant to reach out to women in the church community and beyond.  There are relevant principles, I believe anyone who is open can benefit from, sift through, and get insight.  There may be 2 or 3 things that apply to you, but they may change everything. I encourage you to check it out and see for yourself. I encourage men to read the book too!

3.     What if I like being a girlfriend and don’t want to get married?

Then this book isn’t for you.  I wish you the best.

4.     Which chapters are the most controversial in today’s world of dating and relationships?

I would say probably all of them are but the top 3 would be:

#7 Desperate Wannabe Housewives– the chapter about sex before marriage and other ways to give yourselves away for free. This is self explanatory.

#4 Silly Women-This chapter talks about all of the ways women behave in relationship to men that are not working in their favor and make it difficult for women with a good sense of self and standards- such as acting life a wife when you are not one.

#8 You are not a Celebrity– This chapter deals with how poorly we treat each other and how detrimental it is to a long lasting committed marriage.

5.     Who are you to write a book about dating or finding a husband?

My complete bio can be found on the BIO page of this website some is captured in the book.  But in just a few words I will say: I am a widow who was happily married for 29 years and found myself suddenly thrust into the single world. I was so surprised by the frustration so many women are experiencing and wanted to do something about it. So far 18 (as of 12/2013) weddings and more on the horizon. I feel I have a message to share to empower women and see them achieve the success they want in this area of their lives.  I love to see people get happy.

6.     Is this book for married women too?

Yes. Married women will be affirmed and encouraged.   I encourage them to read about “Husband Privileges” and gain a fuller understanding of the incredible blessing they are to the men that married them.  It will also give them another tool in their chest to share with the  single women in their lives (even their daughters & sons) who are on the relationship journey.  It is so much easier to recommend a book, and buy it for your friends if you have read it.

7.     What is the main message you want women to receive from your book?

I want women to know they are valuable, worthy and can have success in this area of their lives if they are willing to think differently,  not fall for popular trends, but  instead work with principles that work in the real world.  I want them to know they can be content and happy, whether married or single and they don’t have to settle.  I want women to be challenged to live life to the fullest, go after what they want and know their best days are ahead of them!

I will add to this list as more questions come up.  Check out the BLOG page of this website for more questions answered as well.