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What People are saying about Cheryl Haskins & Girlfriends Don’t Matter – Release Date June 22, 2012

A lady friend of mine who was in my small group for single women is headed out of the country if a week or so.  She asked some of her friends if they wanted any gifts from the USA and this was the response she received:
“Hey , how’s it going? 8 days friend. I definitely will be at the airport.
Can I ask you for a favor?  I want to have the book ” Girlfriends don’t matter “. Would you be able to bring it for me please?”       Man- Australia /October 23, 2012

I just have to tell you “Girlfriends Don’t Matter” is so much more than what I was expecting. I purchased it on Saturday, Read it on Sunday (yes the entire book in one sitting,even though midway through it you say don’t), Started my 90 Day Challenge on Monday, and as of today, my date card is full for the remainder of the week!!! “Girlfriends Don’t Matter” A MUST ADD TO YOUR PERSONAL LIBRARY!!!
   -woman in California 9/19/12

Hello!!! We love the book! The ladies and I read it on the road trip home!! AMAZING! Thank you for writing this! God bless. (Miss Plus America Delegates 2012)                                        – 3 women, Florida 7/2012

I really liked the book – it has challenged my thinking & helped me to develop a new perspective. I encouraged one of my very single friends to buy the book – so we can encourage each other in this new venture..DATING.. I’ve had a very narrow & passive perspective when it comes to men.       –woman in Texas

I got the book from my mailbox today AND I finished it. I read it from cover to cover. This book is DEFINITELY needed in this day and time. I was telling my single friends at church about it today. I told her, “DO NOT START READING THIS BOOK TONIGHT. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PUT IT DOWN!” I encourage EVERY WOMAN both young and mature to purchase this book. I may even have my daughter read it. FABULOUS!!
                                                          -married woman 45+, Seattle

Getting my weave (aka: hair) hooked up by Palo & reading the BEST new relationship book – “Girlfriends Don’t Matter!” What every woman should know about dating, men, & relationships. “No matter how long you stand in a garage you will not be a car. If we want something new out of life, we must reposition ourselves mentally, emotionally, & physically to recover the new thing & be willing to let go of our old ways!” Tell us the truth Cheryl! About time someone does! 😉

Thank you Cheryl after reading this book,  now I bought copies for my girlfriends. You have changed my thoughts about relationships. God is doing amazing things through you. God Bless.

Hello, Cheryl! I just finished reading your book “Girlfriends don’t matter”, thanks to my dear friend Maryah. Thanks for writing it!                                –woman early 20’s

Read the book! Loved it!!!!! You have to get this book!! It was too real. At first I thought…is she really saying this? Yep, like she said…”Someone had to say it” Get the book! “Nothing left to say except buy it!

Thank you! I loved your book!

I wanted to say THANK YOU again for writing this book! It forced me to stop and take a good hard look at my (two+ year on again off again) relationship, & ultimately get out after recognizing I was giving him wife privileges when they weren’t earned (because he was a boyfriend not a husband). I have peace in my heart that I haven’t had in so long, and a lot of it is due to the book!                                               –  woman late 20’s

Enlightening and super fun!!!! Girlfriends don’t matter…..YES I SAID IT…SOMEBODY HAD TO!!!!

It made me think about why, what I have done, and what I do with my interactions with Women. Your book raised questions in my mind regarding where I have been, and where I am going with my current relationships. I like how your book challenges the reader to consider changes in their life practices. “Change is good if it improves one’s self worth.” I believe the concepts in your book are noteworthy, and they can provide a better sense of stability in one’s life, it can promote positive outcomes in their relationships, and their interest in being married.               – man 60+ 9/8/2012

So the part that stood out the most for me was chapter 11 because the concept of husband privileges is so true. I feel that women these days underestimate themselves and how much they are worth. Therefore, they are giving everything they can offer to their men so easily without any real commitment. I am 24 years old and never been in a serious relationship because I just didn’t want to give myself away to anyone and everyone. I do wish that I had someone sometimes but I’d rather stay single and hang out with my gentlemen friends than be in an endless relationship that doesn’t provide commitment.

Your book is awesome!  I’ve given the copies I bought at the WOW book-club event to several over 30’s who really like what you have to say.  Smile.

Pastor Cheryl your book is Amazing! My friend  recommended it when I was looking for a book at the City Church bookstore. I think it is the best book I have bought in a long time. it is soooo true. Especially when it comes to male/female interactions and giving away husband privileges ie: doing their laundry etc. Thanks again for writing the book!

I just read your book, “Girlfriends Don’t Matter”. All I can say is “WOW”. What great common sense and biblical advice to women over 30 who want to be married. Finally a voice of wisdom and sanity in the craziness of the current culture’s thinking with regard to dating, even in the church.

We are going to carry your book at our church.  It is full of common sense about relationships with practical biblical concepts.  Now you just need to write one for men. (Author note: I let this reader know that I firmly believe if the women get their thinking straightened out the men will gladly marry them.  He said “You may have a point there.”)                                                – man 48, California